Batteries. Smarter.

The AI-powered Predictive Maintenance platform for Batteries connected to the Power Grid.


Why predictive maintenance?

Maximise battery's profitability

SOH degradation tracking

Real-time tracking for optimal selection of battery assets

Extend battery lifetime

Decrease in battery degradation by up to 30%

Maximise profitability

Increase in battery lifetime revenue by up to 50%

Real-world battery degradation estimation

AI-powered software for every asset and operating condition

Chemistry agnostic Degradation tracking transferable solution to any battery chemistry, with error rates of only 0.3%. We can accommodate current and future battery technologies.

Adaptive to any real-world scenario Our models work on real-world operating conditions (current intensity, sudden surges, power demands, temperature) and we do not use models developed on ideal lab test conditions. Applicable for all usage modes and services to the Grid.

AI-powered Our data-driven AI algorithms are capable of modelling the complexities of degradation, with individualised degradation estimation for each battery asset. No need for any sort of specific measurements to determine battery physical and chemical parameters.

yailab Platform

A fully integrated suite for battery degradation

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