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Our story

The core team of yaiLab consists of Darius Roman and Yannis Antonopoulos.

Darius is an expert on predictive maintenance with a PhD on the subject and research published in top journals (Nature, etc.). He has over 8 years of industrial experience in AI applied to battery engineering and predictive maintenance, obtained through his work with top-tier companies (Baker Hughes, Nanoramic Laboratories, Unipart). He led a multicultural team of scientists and engineers collaborating with Prof. Michael Pecht (a world expert on reliability research) on R&D projects in battery degradation. The projects took place at the world’s renowned CALCE reliability lab in the US. One output of the research was the world’s first AI pipeline for battery state-of-health estimation (published in Nature Machine Intelligence).

Yannis has over 8 years of experience in the energy markets. He worked extensively as part of power trading teams and is an expert in AI for the provision of balancing services to the Grid, obtained through his industrially-funded PhD in partnership with Upside Energy (now KrakenFlex). His industrial roles revolved around building prototypes and PoCs of products for the energy sector. His project management skills acquired through these roles are critical to the work at yaiLab. He also has knowledge of energy economics and finance and worked as an assistant economist for the Scottish Government and as a senior trading analyst (power and gas) at SSE.

yaiLab's mission

Our mission is to accelerate the transition to Net-Zero and sustainable energy systems. We achieve it by supporting the integration of renewables into the Power grid.

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